Size helps. But it’s the engine that matters.

I was talking to my coach about how I’m already intimidated knowing I’m in the first year of U17 and I’m not the most developed athlete. I tend to automatically think that the bigger, bulkier athletes already have an advantage in height and strength. This isn’t necessarily true, though I have that mental block. But then she gave me a great analogy in which I will remember and put into practice from that day forth.

It was short, but very helpful. She said something along these lines: “You are the small car competing against bigger and more ‘aggressive looking’ cars. Judging on appearance, they look as though they will win. But you being the small car, you can get to your top speed quicker than the others, and have the best start. Initially, the car does help, yes. But it is about the engine of the car. The car relies purely on the engine for it to function, though tires and etc. help, but is more dependant on the engine. A car can look the part, but the engine can really let it down. The same as a car may look bad, but do a better job than the better looking car.”.

Though this isn’t all she said, I think this is some real good advice for athletes who may feel they have the same psychological problem as me. It may seem obvious to some, but I really do feel as though a better understanding of being happy with the height, physique you already are.

After all, would you rather race with a solid tank (strong, powerful and aggressive), or a speedy Ferrari (streamlined, smaller but yet very powerful).

George A Osei


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