Meet the author

Welcome, my name is George Augustine Osei and I am fifteen years of age. I live, train and attend school in North London. Athletics, photography, and visual specials are my hobbies, and my skills and understandings of all are broadening each day because of the research I conduct, as well as experienced people I speak to.

I created ‘Tiny Hurdler’ as I’ve noticed there aren’t many blogs/groups that are shown in a junior, amateur athlete’s perspective of things. Yes, elite athletes will obviously be in the media, on the internet and of course more popular, but it’s the juniors that take the step to seniors and then elite. So ofcourse, who better to blog about a junior’s amateur athletics experiences, than an amateur junior athlete. I’m not the tallest of hurdlers, although I’m considered quite small for the event I’m looking to improve and try out (400mH). Though I’m not the best in my event (hurdles), I believe that hard work, positive thinking, and conversing with older, experienced athletes really does go a long way. I am currently running with Enfield & Haringey AC, training on average two, three times a week, and I’ve noticed there’s a visible change in my technique since I started. I’ve also noticed I’ve gained a bit more confidence as I’ve successful completed races… although I tend to be defeated psychologically, and as a result not performing as I intended.

The posts I put forward will include upcoming events, whether it be for juniors, or elite, photos, quotes, videos, things I do at training, how I’m slowly but surely boosting my confidence and physical performance and a whole load of other things. Join me on my quest to success, and feel free to ask, advise, question, submit anything related to athletics. I will be available to give or receive any advice given to me. Everything will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

George A. Osei

Good things come to those who wait. But sometimes, youve got to chase what you want.


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